White Whale

I Don't Care I'm Still Free

NOTE TO GM: I apologize in advance for the amount of editing that this post will require. It isn’t that I didn’t pay attention, it is that I was much more focused on the Hunter campaign because that is what we ended on.

The session started with the Axiom landing on Persephone for the crew to find out what exactly they stole from the Alliance base. After landing everyone went their separate ways.

Captain went to the local watering hole to dig for the latest gossip and to hear what folks were saying about the recent heist. He found out that people were indeed talking about it and that the Alliance was rather pissed.


He found that no one spoke a word about their heist. As though Alliance pretended it didn’t happen. The talk though indicated that a couple ships had gone missing on some out of the way trips near some asteroid belts.

Nanako and Stephanie went shopping.

Sergei met with some of his shadier contacts in an attempt to get the Alliance data decoded. They told him they could get it done but it may take some time.

Joe went off to purchase weapons and explosives. He nearly got killed by a few sniper rounds as a mysterious figure began shooting at him. Joe messaged the Captain who arrived in time to see someone begin firing missiles at both of them. The mysterious gunmen seemed to be tracking their movements by Joe’s communicator.

During all this everyone got a message from a mysterious refined voice coming through their communicators to meet up at a certain docking bay.

Sergei’s contact meets up with him out of nowhere and hands him the cracked data disk and tells him to leave without paying and not to come back.

The crew meets at the specified docking bay where a highly advanced ship (The X-Resolute) is waiting for them. The door opens and they are ushered onboard by the voice in their comms. About this time the crew hears a huge explosion that was the Axiom as the X-Resolute AI tells them that the Alliance now thinks they are dead. Sergei uses this time to rush to the bridge, lock the door and question the A.I. running the ship. He asked the ship to refrain from calling him by his military rank as well as mentioning his service in the ship yard.

I can’t remember too much after this besides exploration of the new ship and the message from what’s his face about hiring us for future missions.

Take Me Where I Can Not Stand

The ship speeds off towards the drop off point… and the gravity/most of the power goes out

8 hours later, Sergei fixes. A collision alarm goes off because the ship is drifting towards an asteroid field

Ship takes one wound, sensors reduced to a d2 until repaired

As we burn through the asteroid field the captain takes the copilot seat noticing that the ship is locked onto by a homing weapon, which is a space mine

We speed away and head to a nearby planet to repair, everyone gets out except Sergei, there are bandits waiting with guns trained on them trying to commandeer the ship

Captain shoots the lead bandit while he is talking, he is targetted by all the bandits and is wounded horribly

Steph closes the ramp saving pretty much everyone and we fly away

As we run out of fuel on the way to the rendezvous point Sergei tries to fuel, floats in space for a bit until he is picked up by the pilot

Joe ends up refueling the ship twice on the way to the rendezvous point, rendezvous goes well

We land at the trade town and fix up the ship and buy random things

Captain gets a letter from yet another anonymous source with upfront payment to steal some information from alliance archives about browncoat resources

Sergei gets Nanako and the captain really nice fake ID’s and is repayed by moving to live in the deluxe sweet

The captain, nanako, and steph take the shuttle to an alliance base to extract the information they need leaving Sergei and Joe on the ship


The ground crew takes too long to extract the information, some guards come in to see what they are doing and the ground crew takes off running

After a badass chase through the alliance base, the captain takes some auto-turret shots but thanks to some fancy flying from Nanako the ground crew shakes their tail

The ship heads towards more adventures and more importantly to get Sergei more booze

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